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How To Choose Wheel Covers

We are a car accessory company that puts premiums on customer satisfaction. If you are a bit confused on the many options available for wheel covers, we're willing to spend time with you just so that you can get the most suited covers of the tires of your car.

First, get to know the following parameters for the items you are seeking:

  • Type - choices are soft, semi-rigid and metal ring covers. All of these types are available in our shop.
  • Vehicle  wheel covers can fit motor homes, camper vans, 4x4's and caravans.
  • Right fit - You also check if the covers are too tight or too loose for your wheels.
  • Slip-on - Will the covers be easy to slip on and off the tires?

Consider also the following:

  • Ease of cleaning
  • Waterproof material
  • Non-scratch finish

Know the Size

Tires have codes on them. Look for some printed characters there. An example of a code would look like this P175/70R13. The last two characters '13' represent both the size of the tire and the size of its cover.

Your Options

Wheel covers (others prefer calling them 'hubcaps') are very useful car accessories. One would consider using them with either to enhance the appearance or to protect the tires of their cars as the main reason. As a protective tool, a wheel cover prevents exposure of the wheels to harmful elements.

You have several options when buying. Used wheel covers are available for those with budget constraints. Make sure, however, that you don't purchase covers with very low quality, even if you are trying to limit on the budget. Check for quality issues such as blemishes, dents and cracks.

Wheel covers also differ in terms of how they are attached to wheels. You can choose the bolt-on type. This one has threads for fastening it in place. Another is the clip-on type. Covers of this type have spring clips made of either metal or plastic.

If improving the overall look of a car is the more important purpose, the owner has a lot of styles and designs to choose from. There are the antique wheel covers and there are also those that are designed to give a stylish impression. Moon hubcaps belong to the latter type.

You have two choices - the full moon and the baby moon design. The first covers all of the wheel's inner part while the second is meant to cover only a smaller part of the wheel. Perhaps the best choice in terms of design is the baby moon.

Wheel covers are made of different materials. Some people prefer their covers to be durable. For them, they can choose the ones that are made of aluminum or steel. The high-grade plastic type is good for those who want 'flexible' covers. If you tend to put importance on design and style, there are chrome-plated wheel covers that will suit your need.

Just let us know how we can guide you through the process of choosing the covers for your tires. Our wheel covers are of the finest quality and we offer them at very affordable prices.


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