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How NASCAR Race Cars Work

In the beginning, stock-car racing was exactly what it sounds like. Drivers actually bought brand-new cars from dealers and went racing. The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR), organized in 1947, created a standardized set of rules for stock-car racing and established a system for selecting a national champion based on performance at races across the country.

The original races were run on dirt tracks that got rutted and bumpy. The unmodified cars were not tough enough for this type of abuse, so NASCAR began allowing modifications to the stock cars to increase their durability. Over the years, more and more modifications were made, sometimes to increase safety (see How NASCAR Safety Works for details) and sometimes to improve competition. NASCAR strictly controls all of these modifications, which are spelled out in detail in the NASCAR rule book. Cars are checked for compliance with these rules at every race.

Today, NASCAR race cars have very little in common with street cars. Almost every detail of a NASCAR car is handmade. The bodies are built from flat sheet metal, the engines are assembled from a bare block and the frame is constructed from steel tubing.

In this article, we'll see how these race cars are made, starting with a component that is key to the drivers' safety and provides the foundation for everything on the car: the frame.

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How To Choose Wheel Covers

We are a car accessory company that puts premiums on customer satisfaction. If you are a bit confused on the many options available for wheel covers, we're willing to spend time with you just so that you can get the most suited covers of the tires of your car.

First, get to know the following parameters for the items you are seeking:

  • Type - choices are soft, semi-rigid and metal ring covers. All of these types are available in our shop.
  • Vehicle  wheel covers can fit motor homes, camper vans, 4x4's and caravans.
  • Right fit - You also check if the covers are too tight or too loose for your wheels.
  • Slip-on - Will the covers be easy to slip on and off the tires?

Consider also the following:

  • Ease of cleaning
  • Waterproof material
  • Non-scratch finish

Know the Size

Tires have codes on them. Look for some printed characters there. An example of a code would look like this P175/70R13. The last two characters '13' represent both the size of the tire and the size of its cover.

Your Options

Wheel covers (others prefer calling them 'hubcaps') are very useful car accessories. One would consider using them with either to enhance the appearance or to protect the tires of their cars as the main reason. As a protective tool, a wheel cover prevents exposure of the wheels to harmful elements.

You have several options when buying. Used wheel covers are available for those with budget constraints. Make sure, however, that you don't purchase covers with very low quality, even if you are trying to limit on the budget. Check for quality issues such as blemishes, dents and cracks.

Wheel covers also differ in terms of how they are attached to wheels. You can choose the bolt-on type. This one has threads for fastening it in place. Another is the clip-on type. Covers of this type have spring clips made of either metal or plastic.

If improving the overall look of a car is the more important purpose, the owner has a lot of styles and designs to choose from. There are the antique wheel covers and there are also those that are designed to give a stylish impression. Moon hubcaps belong to the latter type.

You have two choices - the full moon and the baby moon design. The first covers all of the wheel's inner part while the second is meant to cover only a smaller part of the wheel. Perhaps the best choice in terms of design is the baby moon.

Wheel covers are made of different materials. Some people prefer their covers to be durable. For them, they can choose the ones that are made of aluminum or steel. The high-grade plastic type is good for those who want 'flexible' covers. If you tend to put importance on design and style, there are chrome-plated wheel covers that will suit your need.

Just let us know how we can guide you through the process of choosing the covers for your tires. Our wheel covers are of the finest quality and we offer them at very affordable prices.

Mobile Apps For Courier Drivers

We live in a world of innovation and technology. When it comes to mobile apps, you can get an app for just about anything. In the courier industry, there are numerous mobile apps that can help you become a better driver or courier business. They include:

Google Maps

You have to know the direction you are going. This is mostly for new drivers or when you are going on an unfamiliar route. The Google maps will help you find the shortest route so that you can save on fuel and arrive there faster. It shows you the direction and thus you can eliminate the hustle of having to ask the client for directions.

Met Office Weather Maps

Weather maps will always play a huge role in ensuring that you have a smooth day. The idea is to know the type of weather so that you can schedule your departure time. For example, foggy and rainy weather will cause too much traffic and prior knowledge of this will prompt you to depart early so that you do not get caught up in traffic.

Music Applications

Boredom yields a bad mood. You cannot be in the car all day driving, and still manage to keep it quiet. Music is entertaining to both the soul and mind. When you are listening to your favourite jam, you can perform well and enjoy your job. Most drivers love music and thus a music app will do well on their part. The app should have a list of music genre to choose from so that you can choose and create a playlist to take you through the day. You can even schedule which type of music you want to listen on Mondays, Tuesdays and every other working day of the week you are on duty.

Time Apps

You want to drive and still check the time. Drivers for courier services are always on call in most part of the day. With such a dedication, you want to know where you are supposed to go or be and what you need to deliver. This form of schedule can be difficult to keep it all in your head. Timer apps help to plan your schedule by planning your time and giving you notifications on where you are supposed to be at what time. In short, you do not have to worry about not meeting the expectations of your customers as you have an application to always remind you of what you need to do.

Fuel Or Gas Station Finder

As a courier driver, you cannot afford to run out of fuel while on duty. Most courier companies will have different apps that help their drivers to deal with such circumstances on the road. Well, the gas station finder can come in handy when you have run out of fuel. It helps you to locate the nearest fuelling station where you can stop by and fill your tank. The idea is to keep your schedule in play as you do not want to miss the delivery time to your customers. Most reputable couriers in the UK will have such an app to help their drivers live up to their promise of timely delivery.

The Best Alloy Wheels From Brisbane

Street Wheels and Tyres (SWT) offers the best alloy wheels in the business. You cannot find better quality and pricing in Brisbane today.

Why Choose Alloy Wheels?

Alloy wheels are made of either magnesium or aluminium alloys, which are a mixture of one metal and other elements. This mixture allows the wheels to have significantly more strength, compared to other (pure) metals, which are more ductile and are softer in comparison. Alloys are lighter but are stronger, give more efficient conduction of heat, and to the delight of many motorists look better aesthetically than steel wheels.

Here are more advantages of using alloy wheels:

- Lighter Mass - alloy wheels weigh less, which helps in reducing fuel consumption in the long run. The less mass there is, the better the cars suspension is in following the terrain, which also improves grip.

- Heat Conduction this lets heat dissipate from brakes, increasing brake performance even in demanding conditions. This also lowers the possibility of overheating-related failures.

- Aesthetic Purposes you would be surprised by how many drivers purchase alloy wheels over their steel counterparts just for cosmetic reasons. This is because alloys can be produced with bare metal finishes, which are considerably more attractive. Even if many argue that these are prone to corrosion (usually after three years or longer), refurbishment is relatively cheap and widely available today. In addition, alloys can be treated with intricate and unique designs.

The Market Condition

It is not a secret that alloy wheels are considered expensive in the past. They have only become more common in the economy car market since the year 2000. A decade earlier and you wont see these types of wheels except on luxury and collectible vehicles. Today, though, economy and subcompact cars often don on alloy wheels, since they have become common factory options. Because of this history, the wheels themselves have been the target of thieves for their high value. As an answer, manufacturers have begun using locking nuts that cannot be removed without a special key given to the owner.

SWT offers alloy wheels, among many other products. Here, you can be assured of the finest craftsmanship, highest quality, most competitive pricing, and best customer service especially since we offer only the top brands in the market. We have the most comprehensive array of wheel selection for you to pick from, and a trained staff to assist you to make sure you go home with the most suitable wheels for your car. Visit us at or call us at 3208-5208.

Recovery Truck Insurance Cover: What To Look For

Running a towing business poses all the risks you can think of. Although you can still make real money from this, you need to ensure all the trucks are well protected using the right recovery truck insurance cover. Finding the right cover for your vehicles can, however, be intimidating at times, which is why a little window-shopping is required to identify the best cover and quote.

Reputation matters a lot, especially with insurance companies. You never want to get in bed with an untrustworthy company that doesnt have a good reputation. Your best bet would, therefore, be with a reputable insurance company. Asking for referrals or simply researching online can help you find some of the best companies in the industry. Although search engines will give you plenty of hits on your query, you should take this as a blessing and take some time to research about each of these companies. You could do this using your phone, or on your computer when you have the time.

Identify several companies that seem to be trustworthy, then start digging up information about their services and reputation. Customer reviews and testimonials on forums online can help you make a more informed decision. Once you have identified several companies youd be willing to work with, you can then send out applications and wait for quotes. Many of these companies will respond in record time via email, hence shouldnt take more than a day to get a couple of quotations. Consider printing out these quotations, and look into them with a fresh mind.

The first and topmost factor to consider when looking into a companys policy is their claims process. As mentioned earlier, running a towing business is risky you, therefore, need a reliable provider capable of handling claims fast enough. While this may depend on the type of cover you opt to go for, it would be best to go for a cover with the shortest processing time. It would also be best to go for a comprehensive cover covering all the trucks and other vehicles under your care. This should not only help get lower rates, but also protect all these in case of an incident.

Price is another factor that should be taken into consideration before you can sign any contract with an insurance company. While reliability and trustworthy play a key role here, it would be best to go for an affordable insurance cover instead. Dont be tricked into going for cheap insurance, as it could cost your business. Have a broker assess your business and make recommendations for the same. It would be best if you go for adequate cover as opposed to just any insurance policy. Theres peace in knowing that your company and the trucks, in particular, are properly insured and safe on the road.

Complete protection on the road is all that matters when running a towing company. If any of the trucks is involved in an accident, then the insurance company should take over to pay for damages and recovery of the same. You will therefore never have to worry about going out of business simply because your only truck has been carjacked or involved in an accident.

Why Its Good To Provide Party Buses For Wedding Guests

We at Luxury Road Events want to make your wedding as festive and special as possible. Its not every day that two people in Atlanta officially take the plunge and begin life as a couple. Therefore, your wedding should be given utmost importance, and every part of it deserves to be unforgettably perfect. To get started with booking our party buses for your big day or to make an inquiry, visit our website

We have listed below the incentives for you to get your valued guests into our swanky, comfy and exciting vehicles.

1. Party Buses Eliminate the Need to Rent Cars or Take Cabs

A number of your guests might be coming from out of town. As much as they couldnt wait to be part of your big day, it would be quite a burden for them to go through renting a vehicle or taking a taxi to get to the place. What if the venue wasnt exactly the easiest place to get to? Also, wouldnt renting or cabbing just add to their expenses, which already include the flight getting in? To get those people together inside party buses pushes aside all those concerns.

Lets not forget those among your guests involved in all of the prerequisites such the rehearsal dinner or the bridal shower. It would be better that all those participants travel to such events as one group. Our party buses would turn those potentially dull or uneventful minutes on the road into memorable moments that are practically part of the event. And needless say, everyone would stay safe and well taken care of throughout the ride.

2. Your Guests Feel the Grandness of the Festivities

Atlanta party buses provide a platform to make you and your guests feel like real VIPs who have been invited to a one-of-a-kind occasion. Your family members and friends should feel just as part of the wedding as you and your significant other are. Its quite a treat, therefore, to give them rides that show just how special the whole event and its participants are.

Think about your high school prom back in the day. Do you remember what you and your date felt the entire time? Do you recall how classy and attractive everyone and everything seemed to look? Thats the exact same impression youd want to give your guests. While you could plan for the church or reception to appear a certain way and incorporate certain themes, consider the rides to the big day equally important. Allow party buses to fetch your attendees and give the impression that the days about to be exciting and quite magical.

3. Youd Assure Guests Safety After Drinks

Guests are going to drink and unwind themselves as much as theyd like. The jolly and lovely environment gives them all the more reason to loosen up and feel freer. You could count on our party buses to handle anyone who ends up unfit to drive back to their place. In fact, those slightly drunk could choose to get drunker while riding in the vehicle! They could keep the party going for themselves (which they wouldnt be able to do inside cabs) and get home safe and sound.

The Air Cushion Principle - From The Biggest Hovercraft For Sale To The Smallest

For many decades, the hovercraft principle was mooted as a useful possibility for passenger transport, but there were a few anomolies that just wouldn't go away. the basic idea of lifting a vehicle n a cushion of air was good, but keeping the air cushion in place, that was the challenge. In the 50s a man called Anthony Thornycroft solved the puzzle by designing a special skirt arrangement that dramatically reduced the energy need to float a given vehicle weight. He found that by fixing a small coffee tin inside larger one with holes in the bottom, and pushing air between them, an annular effect was created which reduced the power requirement by 60% - not bad at all!

Basically, the solution meant that viable hovercraft could be built because the energy need to float even a big craft was something like 30% of the energy need to lift a helicopter of the same size, for example. Sanderson-Coe, a British company were the first to produce large hovercraft for carrying cars and passengers across the British Channel, and was followed by several others. This new technology was the buzz word in the 60s and 70s, but all the companies went bust within just a few years. The industry laid dormant for a while, because the craft were expensive to maintain and didn't bring the comfort of other forms of travel such as the ferry. Off course, now we have the Channel Tunnel.

Probably the tiniest of the small hovercraft for sale is produced by Hovery in Brazil. This DIY package is self-inflated and is designed for some serious fun, but has few other uses. Other 4 and 6 seat hovercraft manufacturers however produce vehicles that can be used for search and rescue, or military use - see design site. New construction materials have revolutionized the industry and continues to evolve. For example, modern hull construction uses advanced materials like expanded high density polypropylene, which doesn't split if it hits a rock.

Hovercraft skirts have also undergone a complete makeover as new idea have evolved about how they should be constructed, and with what materials. Rip-stop nylon principles still apply, but newer fabrics are covered in tough rubber-like sheaths such as neoprene. Some manufacturers use Kevlar, which is used by the military and is extremely tough - in fact it's bullet proof, so well able to withstand the rigors of hovercraft travel!

Deep Cycle Battery Technology That Is Now Used In Large Vehicles

A deep cycle battery can be used in large vehicles and vessels such as an RV or other types of boats. It can also be used for entertainment vehicles like childrens rides and golf carts. The batteries are environment-friendly since they are recyclable.

A deep cycle battery is a lead acid battery that offers time release nature in the energy release compared to the standard battery. It offers a quick burst or energy discharge in a kick start way. There are different kinds of deep cycle batteries.

Deep cycle batteries are meant to last a long time because their function is extended load use. Each type of battery has different will last for a different length of time. For example, an RV deep cycle battery may last for about 8 years or more while a boat battery may last for about 5 or 6 years.

Deep cycle batteries can last for a very long time with good maintenance. If you are buying the deep battery for your RV or boat, or something you would wish to travel great distances, it is wise to buy a Trojan battery which is a backup power source.

Deep cycle batteries are known for their ability to be discharged in a deep manner on a regular basis which is not possible with the standard battery as this can destroy it. It is ideal for providing power in a constant manner over a long period of time because of their longer deep cycles.

Nowadays, the batteries are used to operate solar powered devices. They are used in windmills and other solar powered devices. You may also need them as backup power supplies if you want to install solar powered devices.

When the batteries are low on charge, make sure you recharge as soon as possible. If the battery is left uncharged, it may end up degrading their condition making the batteries useless. However, you need to avoid undercharging or overcharging.

Overcharging can cause the liquid to evaporate faster. Undercharging will increase the pollutant build up at a faster rate. These two problems will shorten the life span of the deep batteries. To avoid these two problems, you have to make sure that your system should have a circuit.

Make sure you have enough deep cycle batteries to sufficiently handle your power needs. The batteries will become undersized if you are undersized for your needs. It is safer to have more capacity than what you need.